Providing the tools for management to effortlessly keep track of staff members time on from an internet on any computing device [mobile phone, smart device, tablet, desktop computer, laptop] giving the ability to administrate payroll, send accurate invoices, and save significant amounts of revenue annually.

Simplify Employee Management, Save Money & Increase Revenues

| Scheduling | Tasks | Time Cards | Notices | Documentation | Reporting |

When the system is effectively utilised in any company [& that can be a business from different market sectors such as …

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • eCommerce
  • Call centre

… and other business type you can imagine] it provides management with a holistic view of employee tasks, their time management and reporting therefore allowing modification of scheduling of the work load in order to meet the every changing needs and demands of the customer base as the company continually looks to more efficiently deliver its products and services into the marketplace and gain and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition.

As we are well and truly living in the digital marketing world, companies are rapidly moving towards the paperless office – takes this one step further by giving management and employees alike the vehicle input vital informaiton into the business that can be used for learnings and process improvement.

Utilise a time management software application that enhances the company’s operations

Task Allocation

Management are able to effortlessly create specific tasks from within the system, these tasks [along with the relevant priorities that have been placed on them according to the needs of the business] can then be assigned to individual team members as appropriate.

Time Cards

Gain an overview of individual team members working patterns; the ability to drill down into specific weeks will give the management a great insight and overview into how many hours are being worked and when for any given employee.

Site Wide Notices

Send out notifications to all employees, management only or system admins – messages can be time stamped and marked as active or inactive. This ensure that important business related information do not get lost in the ‘noise of email !

User Documents

Upload documents into the system and assign to any employee at will, this allows for more structured tracking and security and again ensuring critical business information does not get lost & from this more efficient communication is improved output.

Run Time Management & Work Activity Reports

Data driven decision making based on the wide range of reports that can be run from within the system giving management a visual overview of the business operations.

  • All Users

    Gain an overall view of the activities being undertaken by all users of the system.

  • Active Users

    Segment activity by viewing those who are current on the system.

  • Inactive Users

    The option to view activities of previous staff or temporary workers can prove invaluable.

Make Business Decisions Based On Actual Employee Data

Managers are required to make the right decisions as far as the business is concerned, these decisions are based on varying factors such as employee aspirations and performance, product and service delivery as well as ensuring that the customer based are kept satisfied.

It is with this in mind that keeping track of workers activities, shift patterns and actual output will put management in the best position possible to smoothly make decisions for the good of the company in question and for all concerned.

The easy to learn and use cloud based interface will encourage employees and management alike to feed vital information back and forth to each other as all that is needed is an internet connection, mobile phone, smart device, tablet or computer. The insignificant investment in this’s employment Time Tracker & Employee Timesheet Software.

The Success In The Marketplace Of A Company

The market penetration & success of any organization is down to the effective management of staff & employees — not pushing paper.

Internal Messaging

Slick messaging system allows direct communication between staff members allowing for more efficient business process management which is directly related to the flow of information within any organisation.

Proactive Involvement

Ideas for the better running of any business can be generated from an staff member, provides a safe suggestion option for staff to management communications.

Schedule Management

Staff members need not worry about knowing their schedules & having to be in a particular place to view paper documents, management can rest assured that everyone knows their responsibilities.

Sitewide Notices

Create & manage company wide notices for all staff or just for management & admins, drive up communications & operational efficiency.

Task Management

Management are given the ability to seamlessly assign tasks to different staff members, to check on progress, print and document for more effective management.

Develop Ownership

Help staff members to take ownership through increased participation and communication with management; gain the competitive advantage.

Collaborative win-win approaches

So many times the fundamental that is preventing an organisation from achieving its full potential is that of the two way communication between employee staff member and the management team. Very often staff members feel that they are not involved within the decision making process.’s system goes some way to solving this problem by providing the tools that employees can use to communicate their business related ideas directly to their management team.

Management have the ability to send messages and documents within the system; with remote working becoming more and more of a norm this provides another means of serving staff members with critical information that they may need to get the job done. The communication trail within the system along with the ability to run reports can provide companies with critical strategic data drive information if which acted upon can result in increased revenues and a more satisfied customer base.

Convenient Cloud Access

With different user access permissions the system is easy to navigate as well as being fully accessible from any computing device with an internet connection. After logging in the menu selection will depend on whether one is a staff member, manager, admin or superadmin. The majority of employees will login in order to “Clock In” and “Clock Out”, check their schedules and any messages from management.

The flexibility of the system enables users to login from home, management can determine [from their IP address] from where Clocking In was made. Some companies may choose to allocate a dedicated computer [say, in the lobby desk area] where staff members should Clock In & Clock Out.

Intuitive Menu Navigation’s intuitive and easy to navigate menu system allows management to readily message all or individual staff members – [great for when staff members are working from home or off site which is becoming more of the the norm these days 🙂 ], set and schedule tasks as well as being able to gain an overview as to the state of affairs of the operations from the calendar view option.

With today’s computer literate work force [& yes training videos are provided], spending a short amount of time within the system will enable even the most ‘techno phobe’ staff member or manager to get to grips with the time tracking software system that will enhance any company’s operational efficiency.

The ability to completely manage the diary and tasks of staff members and employees not on paper but from within the [accessible from anywhere] cloud based time management software application

Employee Diary Management copy

Complete cloud based employee timesheet and project management system, is an intuitive, web based staff members and employee time tracking solution designed to assist in improving the productivity of your organisation

Document agreed meeting outcomes along with stated action items, share documentation with certain staff members and drive forward the efficiency of operations with the organisation

Staff Meeting Documentation

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