The Employee Employee Software Management System Working For Your Business

Fully installed for your company in order to assist with improving employee productivity and accountability leading to more efficient operations, customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Full System Installation

The cloud based Employee Chrono is installed on a server dedicated for your organisation with your own unique domain name along with system backups, just in case there is a rare case that we need to recover your company data.

Technical Customer Support

In the occasions that technical support is required our friendly support staff will be on hand to assist, if you cannot find the answers to your questions via the pre made training videos, simply leave a phone message or document the issues via the support desk.

System User Training

To get your familiarised with the Employee Management software platform we have gone ahead and recorded videos detailing how to perform all of the major tasks that you may require – take your time and study, rewind and view the videos to get to grips with the system.


Schedules | Tasks | Time Cards | Site Notices | Documentation | Settings


Open Tasks | New Tasks | Closed Tasks


User Reports | Time Reports | Activity Reports


Inbox | Sent | Compose | Archive

System Setup & Configuration

Of course; it is important to be clear that included in the initial setup fee is that of the full configuration of the system with Super Admin, Admins & Management being added into the system along with all of the relevant permissions as defined by you; the customer. Some speed walkthrough videos of different functionalities of within the system are given below; please contact for registration for viewing of a full system walkthrough.

Super Admin Login

Allocated Super Admin login has extended menu options over the standard user login giving the ability to assign tasks, create managers, manually clock staff members in and out, send site wide notices and more.

Employee Clock In Clock Out

Standard users and employees are able to Clock In and Clock Out and are able to view the tasks that have been assigned to them along with their calendars, they can also communicate with management.

Sitewide Notices

The facility to send site wide notices within the platform enables management to inform management and staff member employees of company news, information and directives with a convenient reference outside of email.

Direct Internal Messaging

A direct to employee messaging system facilitates the management process providing the ability to keep employees up to date with any changes within the business that may apply to them specifically.

Send Documentation

Another important function allows users to send important documentation to each other, this could be important strategy documentation or a change of process steps for an employee who is working offsite.

Employee Task Management

As the organisation is driven by tasks and with the changing environment tasks often need to be modified or new ones added, makes assigning & modifying tasks a breeze..

Get In Touch

Contact Us Now In order to arrange your access for viewing of the complete system overview or; for any other questions that you may have in relation to making use of the Complete Employee Time Tracking, Management & Monitoring Software Solution within your company today. Please Do Contact Us Today

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